Inovative Clinical Training Models

The GNE has developed innovative clinical training models (ICTMs) that support increased interprofessional education (IPE), financial sustainability, and enriched clinical training experiences while meeting the growing health care needs within rural and medically underserved communities in Arizona.


Interprofessional Education

The Arizona Collaborative strongly supports the idea of interprofessional education and believes that a collaborative education leads to better health outcomes for patients and better educational opportunities for advanced practice nurses. The IPE model is used at many Arizona GNE partnering sites in which students and preceptors from two or more health professions join forces to acheive one common goal: patient-centered care.

The HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center GNE team is working collaboratively with ASU to develop a methodology for providing IPE modules for participating GNE students and preceptors. The objective of this project is to develop, implement, and evaluate five distance education modules on interprofessional practice in primary care. The specific aims are to:

  • Design five case-based modules related to core competencies in interprofessional practice in collaboration with AZ GNE programs and an interprofessional faculty/student advisory group.
  • Pilot, test, and evaluate the distance modules with AZ GNE participants and their interprofessional clinical partners in medicine, pharmacy, social work, and other health-related programs.
  • Refine and disseminate the distance modules and facilitator guides to AZ GNE programs and their interprofessional clinical partners for faculty-guided use in required coursework and clinical experiences.